Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Overview of assignments for this semester

Assignment #1 Five Ideas

On a piece of paper, develop five ideas for artworks that comment on our "postmodern" world. Your ideas should include sketches and notes.

Assignment #2 Cell Phone Art

Create an artwork using your cell phone. You are responsible for all charges to your account. Exercise extreme caution if you open or alter an old cell phone as they are known to be made of vaious toxic elements. You may incorporate and/or utilize any other media as well.

Assignment #3 Audio Work

Create an audio piece to present to class. This can be a live performance, recorded sounds, or done digitally. The emphasis here is to create an artwork that has sound as its main component. The final manifestation if determined by you the artist.

Assignment #4 Found Object

Create an artwork based on a found object. The finished work should be informed by this found object. The emphasis here is to create an artwork that speaks to the actual object and resonates its essence in the final work.

Assignment #5 Time Based Art

Create an artwork that involves the concept of time. This can be on or off site but will require proper documentation if not brought to class. Please consider the process/documentation equally as important as the final piece.

Assignment #6 Experimental Video

Create an artwork that involves the use of a video camera. This video should not have a linear narrative and should bring into question the concepts of traditional film.

Assignment #7 Personal Work

Create an artwork that involves any of the processes of new genres into your own personal work.

Final Project

For your final, you will create a blog. All of your artwork will be on this site. Treat the blog as if it were a work of art. You will be judged by your ability to represent all of your work from this class on the blog as well as your concept for the overall site. You will have to establish numerous things to accomplish this but if done right, should not cost you anything.

Unique URL

Create your blog and send the url to me via email or facebook.

Artist/Site Statement

Write an artist/site statement that will help people to better understand your site. This statement must be at least 100 words and no more than 250. This statement should articulate the purpose of your work and how you feel it is relevant to the larger public.

Site Banner

Using Photoshop, create a unique banner for your site that illustrates your artist statement and overall concept. The banner should be consistent with the blog service you chose and should match the general theme of the blog.

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