Monday, January 16, 2012

Assignment 2

You must look at two works when you visit LACMA on your field trip. One is Chris Burden's installation/sculpture Metropolis II. The other will be Edward Keinholz's Five Car Stud. Please examine it on all levels. Aesthetic, scale, functionality, material, sensation, memories, et al are but a short list of components that the artist has put together for you to experience. Why do you think Chris Burden/Ed Keinholz created their work? What does this piece in total convey to you as an individual? Please write your essay and post it directly on to your blog. Your writing must be at least 500 words of your own. Please include links or photos that add to your understanding of the work if applicable.

Chris Burden

Edward Keinholz

Requirements: 1) Essay must be at least 500 words and written in a traditional structure (Introduction with thesis, supporting arguments, conclusion). 2) This must be posted on your blog no later than January 24, 2012. 3) Provide links to sources for your information.

Time Frame: 3 hours of work

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