Saturday, February 4, 2012

Assignment 6: Memes

"The thing about memes is that through repetition, they create a shared language..."

Check out the links in this article. They are memes of the video "Things Girls Say" meaning they have taken the structure of this video and repeated that with similar, but different content. This is easily done now with more access to instant production and production with the advent of digital video and Youtube.

Make an artwork that is a meme of some existing content. Please consider how you will make known to others the linkages to that original content. If its a poster, make a poster. If its a video, make a video. If its a song, make a song but try and stay true to the original content.

Requirements: 1) Artwork must reflect the concept of meme, preferably in the modern sense. 2) This work should reflect the structure held with the original content leveraging it to the next level. 3) Artwork should reflect the original content format.

Time Frame for this assignment is 5 hours of class time plus outside time. Assignment must be on your blog by March 20, 2012 before the beginning of class.

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